Wokka Saki Vodka with Sake and a Subtle Essence of Natural Flavours - 750 ml (alc. 40% by vol)

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Tripple Distillation

Micro Distilled

Inspired by the snow monsters of Mt. Zao

Winner Double Gold Medals San Francisco Spirits Competition 2003, 2004 & 2005

Each year between January and March, harsh winds from Siberian plains whip the surface of the Sea of Japan, becoming heavy with freezing vapour before hitting the Japanese coast and rising high over the Asahi mountains. Standing in their path, giant conifers on the slopes of Mount Zao become coated with layer upon layer of snow and ice, until eventually their shapes are obscured and distorted. These petrified giants seem to stalk the valleys and are known as Snow monsters or Juhyo. Their awesome beauty is celebrated at mount Zao’s annual Snow Monster festival.

A rare process of micro distillation in a single stainless steel pot still, ensures that the grain Vodka in Wokka Saki is exceptionally smooth. Fine imported Saki is then carefully added to the Vodka along with a subtle flavor essence that harnesses the character of Wokka Saki and give it its distinctive flavor. This labor intensive process of single batch distillation and manual blending is reserve for only the finest and most expensive spirit.

Wokka Saki is the alliance of two noble cultures, East meets West, and inspired by the awesome beauty of ‘Juhyo’ or ‘Snow-Monsters’ , found around Japan’s Asahi Mountains between January and March.

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