VitaHealth Celery Plus - 100 Tablets + 30 Free

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VitaHealth Celery Plus


100% Vegetarian Formula


Celery & Other Special Herbs To Support Joint Comfort


VitaHealth Celery Plus is a combination of herbal extracts, including Celery, Willow Bark, Devil's Claw, Burdock and Chickweed which help support joint comfort and provide relief from joint pain. The herbs in VitaHealth Celery Plus Tablet have an anti-inflammatory action and help clear waste products from around the joint.


Take 1- 2 tablets a day, with food or as directed by a healthcare profesional.


Each Tablet provides:

Celery 300mg
Willow Bark 200mg
Devil’s Claw 200mg
Burdock 50mg
Chickweed 50mg


Made in USA.


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