Smirnoff Triple Distilled For Purity Premium Vodka No. 21 - 375 ml (40% vol)

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Triple Distilled

Ten X Filtered

Continuing the tradition of Pierre Smirnoff, Purveyor to the Imperial Russian Court, 1886-1917

Produced in the U.K. for the Smirnoff Co. under the formula and process of Pierre Smirnoff Sons, successors to the world fame Pierre Smirnoff, Moscow, Russia, Purveyor of the Czars, 18861917

Smirnoff® Premium Vodka

Created by a unique process involving three distillations for purity and ten filtration stages to deliver exceptional smoothness.


Produced in the U.K. for the Smirnoff Co.
8 Henrieta Place, London

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