Guangxi Guixi Essence of Tienchi Flowers - 10 Sachet x 15 gm

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This product is manufactured by a scientific process of extraction from the flowers of Tienchi, a precious and well known herbal medicine indigenous to Guang Xi.

Retaining the rich fragrance of the original flowers and possessing various therapeutic effects, it constitutes an excellent refreshing beverage which, if drunk frequently, can prevent, alleviate or cure the following diseases:
1. Facial pimples of puberty, boils, blisters around the mouth, etc;
2. Dizziness, nausea, vomiting, head-ache, insomnia, emotional inquietude, etc;
3. Heat on the palms, temperamental, grinding of the teeth during sleep etc., which are caused by biliousness of the liver.


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