Feng Brand Wenjing Tea - 250 gm

Feng Brand Wenjing Tea - 250 gm
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A Health Beverage For People Having Hyperlipemia.
The Tea is made from high quality green tea grown near Lake Tai of Wuxi Province.  It is mixed with Wen Jing (Equisetum Arvense), a special chinese herb, which does not contain any chemical compound.
As it has antipyretic and diuretic effects, and it also dispels endogenous heat from blood and softens blood vessels.  it is an ideal health beverage for young and old.
After carrying out over 200 clinical tests, it is testified that it abates high-cholesterol and high-trlglyceride, and it is good for preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases with no side effects.
Wen Jing has many efficacious components.  It contains considerable amounts of water-soluble Silicic acid compound (5.19% - 7.71%) which plays an important part in the lipoid metabolism of the human body.  It the human body is lack of Silicon, deposition of fatty substances on the vascular walls, and diminution or even loss of elastic fibrous tissues of blood vessels will occurs.  Thus, cardiovascular diseases may develop.
Clinical tests indicate that a 60 day intake of about 20g (4 cups) of Wen Jing tea daily will relieve the subjective symptoms of patients suffering from arteriosclerosis, hyperlipemia and vascular hypertension.  If the patient continues to take Wen Jing for another 3 months, cholesterol will reduce by 30mg% - 50mg%, and serotriglyeride by 50mg% - 75mg%.  The effective rate is as high as 90%. However, patients should stop taking other medicines during those 3 months.
Take Wen Jing Tea constantly will not only let you enjoy the savour this exquisite drink but also enable you to prevent and cure diseases, to keep fit and prolong life!
Equistern Arvense L.      75 mg
Follum Nelumbinis          75 mg
Green Tea                     100 gm

As from June 1987, we have presented Wen jing Tea in golden colour packet with our registered trademark 丰. This is to ensure that genuine and superior quality of the tea is preserved.
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Manufacturer Feng
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