Sheng Tangshan Brand Jiaogulan Tea - 40 Bags x 2 gm

Sheng Tangshan Brand Jiaogulan Tea - 40 Bags x 2 gmSheng Tangshan Brand Jiaogulan Tea - 40 Bags x 2 gm
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Direction for Sheng Tangshan Brand Jiaogulan Tea:

This is an all-natural health product extracted by modern technology from the plant Jiaogulan. Functional test have proved that it regulates blood fat, that is helps to build immunity.

Manufactured by:
Guangxi, Jinxiu Sheng Tang Shan Natural Health Products Co., Ltd.
Jinxiu, Guanxi China.



Bershetta - Aug 08 2011, 03:23 AM

I have been drinking the tea for about 4months now. I am so gald for this wonderful tea it has changed my life. the Dr. tried to put me on pills for diabetes, but now my blood sugar levels are normal. I have more energy. I am not suffering from hot flashes.(being over 50). My liver is doing better, I Know cuz my eyes are now clear in the morning. My heart is better, cuz I have'nt had any more chest pains. Also as a added benefit I have lost weight. I have been on blood pressure meds. which I have cut in half. and am looking forward to the day when I can get off of them altogether. Can't wait for my next Dr. appointment to find out about my cholesterol because I'm sure it's down. this tea will always be apart of my diet. I drink it after every meal, and It makes a great midnight snack.

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